Liz Sledge and Carole Finlay started the Impala Park Aftercare Centre on 1st June 1983. The very first enrolment was just 15 children. It is hard to imagine that the aftercare centre has been active for so many years. It has grown remarkably and the changes have been incredible. Hundreds of children have passed through our centre, taking many special memories with them.

Today, Summerfields Primary School has a very efficient aftercare thas is run by a dedicated team. A light lunch is served and homework is supervised and controlled. The aftercare centre is open during school holidays and only closes for three weeks during the December period. We take great care to ensure that the children are looked after in a happy and safe environment. We are very thankful to the Principal, past and present teachers and the governing body members who have supported us through all these years. This has allowed us to run our centre in the best way possible.


For more information please contact Jolene Grobler on 076 722 9288 or  the Aftercare on 069 270 1603