Without sportsmanship, you will never become a good sportsman

That is why our biggest aim is to develop great athletes with even greater sportsmanship. Summerfields Primary believes that it is as important to perform inside the classroom as it is to perform outside the classroom. Participation in extra murals teaches one certain life skills that can be invaluable for personal growth and experience – self-discipline, compassion, responsibility, dedication, teamwork and respect to name a few.

We offer a diverse range of sporting and cultural activities:
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 Soccer and Mini-Soccer  Eisteddfod
 Netball and Mini-Netball  School Choir
 Cricket and Mini-Cricket  Chess
 Athletics  Enviro Club
 Cross Country  Sonshine Club


Summerfields Primary offers mini-soccer for the U/7 – U/8 boys and soccer for the U/9 – U/13 boys. Our enthusiastic coaches use their knowledge, skills and experience to equip our rising soccer stars with the necessary ball skills and sports lingo that will allow them to become the next Ronaldo or Messi. Our young footballers continue to grow from strength to strength each year with the leadership of our dedicated coaches. Summerfields Primary School also host an annual junior and senior soccer tournament which is always a huge success and the highlight of the season. Constant participation in tournaments and school matches challenges our boys to push their limits and achieve their goals in the beautiful game…Olѐ!


Summerfields Primary offers mini-netball for the U/7 – U/9 girls and netball for the U/10 – U/13 girls. Our girls are taught the necessary hand, ball and foot skills that allow them to partake in various tournaments and school matches. This highly exhilarating sport fosters much enthusiasm, zest and dedication from each child. Our devoted coaches enjoy the thrill of training alongside our girls and often find themselves participating in practice games. Each of our coaches have written their Netball South Africa exams and have all been officially graded to umpire matches. Our netball girls attend all practices, matches and tournaments with so much energy and gusto that there is only one word to describe Summies Netball….WOW!


Summerfields Primary offers mini-cricket for the U/7 – U/9 boys and girls and hard ball cricket for the U/10 – U/13 boys. This popular sport teaches our children how to bat, bowl and field. Players learn the positions and develop a profound respect for the game. Motivated coaches encourage participation and the children enjoy this sport tremendously. Cricket becomes the highlight of the third term. Participation in tournaments and matches have allowed our up-coming cricketers to strive for excellence. Our 2014 Summies Mini-Cricket boys even took part in the South Africa KFC T20 Cricket as ball-boys.


The 5 S’s of sports training are: stamina, speed, strength, skill and spirit –Ken Doherty–

Summerfields Primary has an excellent athletics team and we keep the flag way up high. Our young athletes push their limits and often break records, while still enjoying the exhilaration of the crowd’s spirit and cheers. Our athletics programme entails sprints, middle distance, long distance, high jump, long jump, shot-put and everyone’s favourite…relay. Our Summies athletes partake in Inter House, Inter School, Inter English and various other athletic meetings. We are proud to say that we have even had a number of athletes participate in the D6 and Gauteng Championships. Summies athletes have a passion and fire that cannot be put out!


Cross Country has grown to one of the biggest sports in our school over the past few years. Pupils run their hearts out each week and enjoy attending Cross Country meetings. Not only are these runners doing it for our school, but they are doing it for themselves too. This sport encourages fitness and healthy living. These inspiring runners give it their all and love what they do. If running is in your heart, it shows in your spirit!


Tennis offers children the chance to learn the game, as well as teach them the skills needed to be superb tennis players. This sport enhances their hand-eye co-ordination and motor skills. Our committed coaches also cater for the younger players through a Development Team in the third and fourth terms. Learners gain experience and grow through matches and league games. They begin to challenge each other and also learn how to score the game.  Our enthusiastic coaches ensure that our players have the right tools to become future “Wimbledon-players”.


T-Ball has grown from strength to strength. Motivated coaches ensure that our energetic teams participate in matches against fifteen schools from the Benoni, Boksburg and Kempton Park areas. T-Ball games take place at the Benoni Northern Sports Grounds.  We end the season with a tournament and it is always the highlight of the entire season. Parents celebrate the day with camping chairs and picnic baskets whilst cheering on their children.

Softball is just as exciting. Our pupils play with spirit, enthusiasm and incredible sportsmanship. Each game is a chance for them to put their talents and abilities on display. These learners have the opportunity to be chosen for the Ekurhuleni team whereby they play in a tournament against other provinces. Our coaches display consistency, dedication and resilience.


Summerfields Primary’s senior and junior drummies girls are a special group of girls who dedicate their time to practicing and performing beautiful displays each year. Our experienced and committed coaches choreograph spectacular performances and the girls get the opportunity to show off their delicate displays at the School Prize Giving, the Fun Day, the Annual Choir festival in Benoni and the Ridgeview Village Garden Fete.


Our Summerfields Primary Enviro Club, which was founded during the 1990’s, was an initiative to raise awareness of environmental issues. The club aims to look after our environment and take care of the world around us. The Enviro Club’s activities include cleaning the environment, constructing bird feeders, planting shrubs and educational excursions. The Club has also implemented recycling at our school and it aims to educate learners on the importance of sustaining the environment by urging them to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. May we move forward towards environmental justice and sustainability that will enhance and provide a brighter future for all.


Summerfields Primary offers learners the chance to show off their talents in the Annual Eisteddfod. The commitment of our teachers and their coaching allows our learners to become top achievers in this event. The Eisteddfod allows children to express themselves through dramatic enactment, poetry and reading, and this encourages public speaking. This cultural experience teaches learners discipline, as well as allowing them the opportunity to use their minds creatively. With the countless trophies and prestige awards that our learners have brought home, it is easy to see why this event is highly esteemed at Summerfields Primary School.


Singing is an overall positive, therapeutic and enjoyable experience. Summerfields Primary School offers learners the opportunity to partake in the School Choir. Not only does this extra mural lift one’s spirits, but it brings about a sense of relaxation. Our Choir has grown significantly and has enjoyed many accolades. They exhibit their talents at a number of prestigious events and have enjoyed many achievements over the years. Thanks to the voices of our “Summies Angels” and Choir Masters, we have even produced a CD – a highlight we will not forget!


Summerfields Primary School offers our pupils the chance to become world class Chess players. Through the guidance of experienced coaches, our pupils acquire a taste for the game. The technical aspect of this game promotes cognitive thinking and problem-solving skills and our pupils expand their minds all while enjoying this majestic game. Our Chess players also participate in a number of supervised and competitive tournaments. These learners are reaching new heights every day.


The Sonshine Club offers learners a fun meeting once a week, where new songs are sung, verses read and stories with moral messages are discussed and reflected on.  The club aims to provide learners with the tools to live honest lives and participate positively in society with kindness, sympathy, love, joy and empathy.  In this way, the Summies club members also learn the importance of helping others.  The school is a brighter place with the Sonshine Club!