Grade R: An Integral part of our children’s development

Grade R is seen as an integral part of the total development of our children. Learners are able to reach their milestones through a guided programme that promotes creative, imaginative and fun play in a stimulating environment.

The programme aims to develop children holistically – intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally. Through interaction, discovery and experimentation with their own world, our preschoolers are able to confidently cultivate their own problem-solving skills, abilities and talents that will allow for further education, learning and development. Learners are able to face new life challenges in a nurturing environment.

Our team of professional, compassionate and experienced teachers ensure lessons are planned to not only protect the well-being of each child, but to also provide each child with numerous opportunities to develop to his/her full potential. Our teachers ensure that healthy, happy learning takes places through a variety of activities, such as story time, fantasy corners, music and dance, artistic activities, instrumental activities, role-play, games, the sandpit and jungle gym play.

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